Success Stories

Humble Brags:

  • Our average email open rate = 60.6% vs 21.3% industry average
  • We’re responsible for audience growth of up 424% for our clients’ social media accounts.
  • Our typical social media engagement rates are between 5.8% – 27.7% for our clients vs 1.6% – 6.7% considered good/high across the industry.
  • We have a track record of successful blogger outreach campaigns resulting in increased website traffic & purchase conversion.
  • We save business owners hours of valuable time – outsource your writing & content to our safe hands & you get time for things you want to focus on.

Paddy & Scott’s: Fuelling Ambition

Fuelling web-sales

Complete re-write & re-structure of company website geared towards SEO, increasing usability & creating a sales-funnel.

  • Outcomes:
  • Increased website traffic by 358%
  • Retail sales increased by 88%
  • Boost in trade enquiries and sales worth £178,000

Content marketing

  • Strategic content marketing plan developed & implemented. Regular blogging schedule and outreach programme created.
    • Outcome:
    • Regular content updates on website leading to increased traffic
    • Regular features in press & media, including securing a monthly feature in lifestyle & culture magazine.
    • Increased public perception, trust & recognition of brand.

Changing lives through coffee

  • Responsible for redevelopment & marketing of Meru Farm Project; a community-focused coffee programme dedicated to direct with coffee growers.
    • Outcome:
    • Regular communication with farmers & subscribers lead to incredible engagement from consumers.
    • Subscriptions increased by 420% in first quarter post re-launch.

Jess Palmer has been part of our journey for many years now.  The biggest attribute of Jess is her ability to turn an idea into cash – this is the most exciting thing! If you need some creative writing and you want to drill that into sales; there’s nobody better out there to do that than Jess. She’s passionate, energetic, she gets it….She has this uncanny ability to be able to take our ramblings and turn it into a ‘kerching,’ into cash.  You couldn’t do any better than getting Jess on board! The work she has done for us has been amazing.

Scott Russell – CEO Paddy & Scott’s

Sweffling White Horse

Communication with the community

  • Communicating with & growing a loyal newsletter audience – avg open-rates of over 60% contributing to fully-booked events throughout the year.
  • Growing social media following across 3 platforms & increasing audience by 36.6%
  • Increased online engagement by 2.5% annually.

Alde Garden Campsite

Articles & Social Media

  • Magazine articles & blogging increases reach & recognition within the site’s target audience.
  • Increased social media audience by 26% annually.
  • Online engagement of up to 26% (anything over 2% is considered industry standard.)
  • Maintain a consistent outreach to new & existing customers, leaving owners Maz & Mark with more time for running their busy business day to day.

Jess is doing a fantastic job for us – she perfectly reflects our style and values, has gained us some great press coverage, regularly writes content for us including press articles, newsletters and social media – and has skillfully silenced a troll for us too!  I wholeheartedly recommend her professional yet friendly service.  Jess is brilliant, very skilled & she’s a jolly nice lady too!

Marie Smith, Owner Alde Garden & Sweffling White Horse

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