Caffeine Buzzzzz

It’s not just humans who seek a caffeine hit…

As it turns out we’re not alone in needing a coffee pick-me-up: a recent visit to Kew Gardens led to the discovery that the caffeine present in coffee not only supports the troops in the office to stay awesome; it also improves honeybees’ memories.

Researchers there found that although the caffeine present in coffee tree nectar is low, it improves bees’ performance and long-term memory, enhancing their learning process and improving their productivity. This means they are more likely to remember the scent of the coffee flower and frequently return to the plant; leading to a higher likelihood of pollination for the tree.

Coffee’s impact on alertness has long been documented in terms of the benefits of reducing drowsiness, improving athletic performance, and even making people feel more sociable – just try speaking to me before I’ve had my morning coffee! In fact, new research even points to the factdrinking coffee can reduce the amount of accidents at work, improve memory, concentration, and reasoning in equal measure to having a power-nap.

So tomorrow morning, whether you reach for a flat white, a guatamalan pour-over or a straight-up espresso; it’s official: A coffee really will fuel your ambition!

Originally written for Paddy & Scott’s & printed in Bury Free Press.