Resting Coffee: Should you do it, and why?

Resting coffee: should you do it, and why? As coffee lovers we’re often told to choose coffee that is recently roasted, which is a great idea.  However, it would be easy to follow that logic and conclude that that the fresher the coffee, the better it is but this is not necessarily true. Brewing coffee straight from the roaster is really not advised because coffee actually needs some time to ‘rest’ after roasting before it is at its best.  So, what is the optimum time to drink coffee after roasting, and how does resting benefit the beans? The Science Behind… Read More

The Coffee Life: Interviewing the Coffee Industry

It was a pleasure to be interviewed & featured in Jass Goodman’s project: Interviewing the coffee industry for The Coffee Life blog. Read the full interview below: Jess Palmer: Neon Content & Copy Today on Interviewing The Coffee Industry, we introduce Jess Palmer, who unfortunately due to Covid, lost her job in the industry, but since then has bounced back by amazingly becoming a freelancer. How are you? Right now I’m really good.  Throughout the year I’ve been really up & down so my answer could literally be a complete 180 flip from day to day. I think that’s fairly… Read More

Website copy: Gunbusters Inc

The Brief: Write an engaging landing page that explains a very niche product & converts visitors to customers. Re-write the company & CEO Bio. Extract: WHEN ORDINARY, JUST ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH! GunBusters Inc was born of a desire to offer gifts for military personnel or enthusiasts with a high focus on authenticity.  We saw that the replica projectile market was full of overpriced, poor copies and we wanted to change that! Anyone interested in military memorabilia, or who has worked with these guns is sure to know authenticity when they see it, but when ordering online it’s easy to be… Read More

Why good baristas are just as important as good coffee.

Baristas are more crucial to a good cup of coffee than the coffee beans. For a company whose main trade is in coffee beans it might seem like a nonsensical thing to say…..and yet we say it all the time! Make no mistake; we’re paying plenty of attention to our coffee but we also know how many factors need to come together to make a great cup of coffee. It’s about so much more than just the beans.Baristas should be highly trained & respectful of the hard work that’s gone into growing each & every bean in their bags of… Read More

Coffee With Friends

At Paddy and Scott’s we’ve always understood the social power of coffee to bring people together. In fact, one of the first blends we ever developed was rich, chocolatey and indulgent. we called it ‘Great with Friends.’ Years later, and with a few bag re-designs; the coffee is the same but now called ‘Chit Chat.’ It’s for whiling away an afternoon or evening with your favourite people. It’s our most popular retail coffee and it’s the pinnacle of sociable coffees….Or so we thought… The coffee pictured here doesn’t look like anything special. In actual fact this vintage, kitsch little mug… Read More

Caffeine Buzzzzz

It’s not just humans who seek a caffeine hit… As it turns out we’re not alone in needing a coffee pick-me-up: a recent visit to Kew Gardens led to the discovery that the caffeine present in coffee not only supports the troops in the office to stay awesome; it also improves honeybees’ memories. Researchers there found that although the caffeine present in coffee tree nectar is low, it improves bees’ performance and long-term memory, enhancing their learning process and improving their productivity. This means they are more likely to remember the scent of the coffee flower and frequently return to… Read More

How to Identify a Kick-ass Barista

TattoosBow tie and/or bracesBeardIronic use of radical 90’s vocab Sounds like a kick-ass barista right? Maybe by some people’s standards but really, who cares whether your barista’s moustache-wax is on point as long as their flat whites are! If you’re more concerned about the quality of your coffee than the quality of the barista’s ink; here’s my handy guide for working out if your barista really knows their stuff. 1) Their processes are slick: Spend a bit of time watching them – if there’s a method to their work, a rhythm when they’re banging out those coffees; chances are they… Read More

Top Tips & Tricks for Paint by Numbers

If you’ve already read our comprehensive ‘getting started’ guide you’ll already be well on your way to expert status when it comes to our paint by numbers kits.  However, this helpful list of tips & tricks is great way to really master your painting skills.  These paint by numbers hacks will really take your talents to the next level! Use a photo opportunity Before you even dip your brush in a pot of paint – get clever!  Use your phone to take a picture of the canvas.  This is a helpful record of your starting point – refer back to… Read More

Getting started with your Paint by Numbers Kit

Once your paint by numbers kit has arrived and you’re ready to unleash your inner artist follow our ‘getting started’ advice to make sure you have everything you need in place to create your perfect masterpiece. Get the environment right Creating an intricate piece of art can take hours of concentration so it’s best to ensure you’re comfortable before you begin.  Remember this is a mindful activity so give yourself a dedicated workspace that makes you feel productive, relaxed and happy. Make sure you have a comfortable chair & a large flat surface for your canvas.  If you have the… Read More

Website Copy: Arma Short Stays

The Brief: Descriptive, informative website copy that also performs for SEO. Extract: OXFORDSHIRE APARTMENTS Arma Short Stays properties are a perfect stop over for city breaks or business travel. Situated in Oxfordshire, our self-catering houses provide all the features required from serviced accommodation. We offer a variety of places to stay in Oxfordshire which are the perfect blend of stylish hotel & home-from-home self-catering. Our range of properties are perfectly situated in Bicester & Oxford to offer ideal places to stay for those visiting Oxfordshire for business or leisure.  Close to the Oxford Business Park, Oxford City Centre, BMW and… Read More

Website Copy: Paddy & Scott’s

The Brief: A user-friendly website showcasing the company’s ethos, history, ambition and energy. Funnel customers towards E-commerce shop or trade areas. Raise a cup to the dreamers, the grafters and those who truly know what it takes to make a success of their business. Whichever trade you’re in we can support you and your team with the fuel you need to succeed. Whether you’re a home-drinker, running a café or a string of hotels; the story of your coffee matters. At Paddy and Scott’s we’ve got the best story of all: A direct partnership with a family who have been… Read More

How to make Rhubarb Liqueurs

Taste of Spring A quintessential British Spring staple; rhubarb is a versitile vegetable (I just discovered it’s not a fruit – thanks Google). There are loads of tasty and interesting rhubarb recipes such as cordials, compotes, crumbles and cakes.  I’ve given all of the above a go over the years but nothing delivers as much ‘wow-factor’ for as little effort as my rhubarb liqueur recipe. Grow your own One of my favourite things about rhubarb is how easy it is to grow.  In my experience it’s impossible to kill, spreads prolifically and has a long growing season, replenishing itself every time… Read More

Recipe: One pot Heuvos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros is a traditional Mexican breakfast of baked eggs cooked in a tomato stew.  Perfect at any time of day; this campfire-friendly recipe is simple and delicious. Whether you’re cooking in your kitchen or out on a campsite this dish will set you up for the day! (Serves 4) You will need: Large, deep, pan with a lid Glug of olive oil 1 small onion, diced 2 crushed garlic cloves 1 red pepper (or a jar of chargrilled peppers) 1 chilli (fresh, frozen or flaked is fine) 1 tin of tomatoes 1 tin of kidney or mixed beans 4… Read More

Sloe Gin Recipe

Sloe gin is, for many, something that’s synonymous with winter. This ruby-red liqueur conjures memories of Christmas, log fires and a hip flask of it accompanies many frosty walks in the country. A Family Tradition I was taught to make it by my Dad, going along with him on many foraging walks in the countryside for the blue/black little fruits often overlooked in hedgerows. His favourite trick was to try to tempt me & my siblings to eat one straight from the tree. If anyone has ever tried it you’ll know it’s unwise as sloes pack a bitter punch when fresh. I’m… Read More

The Ultimate Suffolk Fry Up

Instagram is full of people who feel compelled to show you their breakfast. Whether you agree with Tim Gurner’s infamous assertion that the millennial breakfast habits are to blame for their lack of home-ownership; we can all agree that breakfast and brunch are now a big deal.  I have no issue with this. In fact, on a Sunday morning it’s often a great source of comfort and inspiration to flick through instagram and eye-up everyone’s morning meals. Breakfast goals? One thing I have noticed, though, is that you will rarely find a decent picture of a really mouth-watering looking fry-up. The staple… Read More

Recipe: Vegan Parsnip & Apple Soup

It’s still January…..It’s STILL January but we’ve nearly made it through. Christmas is long-since over, it’s dark, cold and wintry, everyone is budgeting furiously and trying to work off those extra pounds and yet many people still feel they need a ‘challenge’ as if all of that weren’t enough!  I have spoken about it before but the current trend in January challenges will never fail to baffle me. This January you can take part in anything from Dry-January, Tryanuary, Ginuary, Red-January, Januhairy, Veganuary….. Last week I featured a budget-friendly breakfast which was pretty bacon-heavy.  So this week,  for balance, I’m serving you up a budget-friendly, waistline-friendly, vegan recipe… Read More

Latitude: How to get the most from Suffolk’s favourite festival

Latitude is Suffolk’s biggest music festival.  Taking place in the stunning Henham Park since 2006 it is now a firm favourite in the calendar for festival-goers internationally. If you’re heading the Latitude this July read my guide to getting the most out of Suffolk’s headliner festival. Be prepared Ok, so you’ve probably thought of all the obvious things already: Hopefully by now you’ve got a tent etc sorted but there are some extra little things you’ll be thankful you remembered. Prepare for all weather: It’s looking as though we’re going to be bathed in sunshine for this year’s festival which… Read More

Why Getting Enough Vitamin D is Vital for your Health

We all know that vitamins play a huge role in keeping us healthy & supplements & multi-vitamins are part of the daily routine for lots of people. But how many of us can say we know the jobs (or even the names) of every vitamin & mineral vital to maintaining a healthy body? Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is particularly important at the moment when we’re perhaps getting less exposure to the outdoor world. So what is vitamin D? Why do we need it? And how can we top ourselves up if we think we’re not getting… Read More

Food Bank Recipe: Mushy Pea Curry

Getting creative with tinned good is a great way to make sure you’re eating nutritionally-balanced meals, even when fresh vegetables are more difficult to get your hands on. The base for this curry uses exclusively tinned/non-perishable ingredients. From there you can add whatever you have available to make it interesting. I made my curry with onions & courgettes which needed using up but this recipe really is adaptable to whatever you have in the cupboards. Ingredients: 2 tins of mushy peas 1 tin of baked beans 1 tin of chopped tomatoes 1 stock cube – any flavour is fine curry… Read More

Food Bank Recipe: Sweet Potato Falafel

A tin of chickpeas is a really versatile thing to find in your food parcel or weekly shop. The chickpeas themselves are a great addition to lots of recipes but you can also use the liquid from the tin (aqua-faba) can even be used to make meringues. This falafel recipe is vegan, simple, easily adaptable to whatever you have in the cupboards, & the falafels can be eaten in a number of meals or just as a snack on their own. Ingredients: 400g tin of chick peas, drained (can be substituted for similar pulses eg cannelini beans) 2 medium sweet… Read More

Food bank recipe: Super Simple Flapjacks

Our food packs contain a wide variety of goodies to keep individuals and families going through lockdown. A bag of oats is a good thing to find in yours because nutritionally they pack a punch! Protien & carbohydrate rich; a recipe with oats will be sure to keep you feeling full for longer. So if you’ve picked up some oats in one of our donated food bundles, or even if you have some lurking in your kitchen cupboards this 4 ingredient recipe is simple, tasty & very filling. Ingredients: 250g oats 125g butter 125g light brown sugar 3 tbsp golden… Read More

How to add fresh fruit & veg to a lockdown diet.

Popping to the shops for fresh fruit & veg is something we all took for granted pre-coronavirus. Now that we’re limiting how often we go out it can be tempting to stock up of long-lasting cupboard essentials and adapt our meals to incorporate more of those & less of the good stuff. Now more than ever, it’s important to eat a balanced diet & include lots of nutrient-packed fruit & veg. Here are some great ways to make sure you get your fill. Join our meal delivery scheme IP17 GNS have teamed up with The Bell at Saxmundham to provide… Read More