Website copy: Gunbusters Inc

The Brief:

Write an engaging landing page that explains a very niche product & converts visitors to customers. Re-write the company & CEO Bio.



GunBusters Inc was born of a desire to offer gifts for military personnel or enthusiasts with a high focus on authenticity.  We saw that the replica projectile market was full of overpriced, poor copies and we wanted to change that!

Anyone interested in military memorabilia, or who has worked with these guns is sure to know authenticity when they see it, but when ordering online it’s easy to be fooled.  Those looking for the perfect gift for their loved one could end up purchasing something sub-standard, leaving the recipient disappointed, knowing it’s not even close to the real thing.  We wanted to make something that they would be delighted to receive.

After years of development, designing, tweaking and endless prototypes we know we’ve perfected the real deal.  Our founder even travelled over 4,000 miles to collect a real cartridge on which all our designs are based.  Authenticity is a big deal for us, so you can be sure your gift set has been created with absolute perfection in mind.

We proudly teamed up with Benshot ( to supply us with 100% American made glassware to complete our gift sets with fully personalizable glassware – making these the most awesome bar displays ever made!  Benshot are a father & son team also based in Wisconsin making bulletproof glass barware. 

Our authentic replica military projectiles and unique glassware sets make a truly thoughtful gift, or they’re the perfect way of commemorating your time in the service – why not treat yourself? We can ship to almost anywhere in the world & will update you with the progress of your order. 

Contact us at any time and a member of the team will be able to answer all your questions for you!