How to add fresh fruit & veg to a lockdown diet.

Popping to the shops for fresh fruit & veg is something we all took for granted pre-coronavirus. Now that we’re limiting how often we go out it can be tempting to stock up of long-lasting cupboard essentials and adapt our meals to incorporate more of those & less of the good stuff.

Now more than ever, it’s important to eat a balanced diet & include lots of nutrient-packed fruit & veg. Here are some great ways to make sure you get your fill.

Join our meal delivery scheme

IP17 GNS have teamed up with The Bell at Saxmundham to provide nutritionally balanced fresh-frozen meals for vulnerable people in the community. Using top quality ingredients & plenty of fresh vegetables these meals can be purchased one at a time (£2.50) or as a full week’s supply (£15.00). One of our volunteers can even deliver them straight to your door.

Get a subscription

A box of fresh, locally grown vegetables arriving on your doorstep – what’s not to love. There are a few options locally for veg-box subscriptions, the closest being The Railway Farmshop in Benhall who do weekly seasonal boxes for contact-free collection or delivery straight to your door. If you’re lucky they might even send a super-hero to drop off your veggies.

Dig for Victory

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as eating something you’ve grown yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned allotment-holder or a complete novice it’s the perfect time to get growing. Local nurseries are offering a delivery service for plants & gardening essentials. Seeds can also be ordered online. Even if you don’t have outside space; a tray of herbs or salad leaves on the windowsill is a great place to start. A hand-full of salad leaves on the side of your plate provides lots of vitamin A & C as well as calcium & fibre. If you & your neighbours are growing why not swap seeds, plants & produce to enjoy a wide range of healthy fruit & veg throughout the year?

Eat Frozen

It might sound obvious but frozen or even tinned fruit & veg is a great option if you can’t get to the shops very often. Freezing fruit & veg retains much of its nutritional value & as it happens usually during the first 48hrs after harvest may retain a higher range of nutrients than produce purchased from the fresh aisle of the supermarket. If you have a few store-cupboard staples & some frozen veg a risotto is a great option. And a bowl of frozen fruit topped with yoghurt makes a great snack when you’re craving something sweet.

Orignially written for IP17 GNS whilst volunteering during lockdown – 11th May 2020

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