Getting started with your Paint by Numbers Kit

Once your paint by numbers kit has arrived and you’re ready to unleash your inner artist follow our ‘getting started’ advice to make sure you have everything you need in place to create your perfect masterpiece.

Get the environment right

Creating an intricate piece of art can take hours of concentration so it’s best to ensure you’re comfortable before you begin.  Remember this is a mindful activity so give yourself a dedicated workspace that makes you feel productive, relaxed and happy.

  • Make sure you have a comfortable chair & a large flat surface for your canvas.  If you have the luxury of space, choose a table that won’t need to be used for another purpose until the painting is complete.  For example; if you’re using the dining table; having to pack your supplies away for every mealtime can really inhibit your creative flow!
  • Choose and area that is well lit (or find yourself a suitable lamp) so you can see even the most intricate details on the canvas.
  • Put on your favorite playlist & settle into those creative vibes!

Unpack your kit

In your paint by numbers kit you should find the following:

  • A set of numbered acrylic paint pots
  • A pre-printed numbered canvas with your chosen design
  • 3 x paint brushes – small, medium & large
  • A hanging kit with screws & hooks
  • A handy set of instructions.

Firstly, check that you have received all items correctly. 

Now put aside the hanging kit in a safe place – you won’t need that again until your painting is complete. 

Next, it’s a good idea to match your paint pots to their corresponding numbers.  Some shades are very similar so it’s sensible to get it all straight in your mind before you begin.

Lay out the rest of the items on your table so that they’re all within easy reach & you have plenty of space to work.

Iron out the wrinkles

We advise you iron your canvas before you do anything else.  Once they are painted, the canvasses shouldn’t be ironed so you don’t want to get halfway into your masterpiece & wish you had smoother sailing with a wrinkle-free surface!

  • Only ever iron the back of your canvas – applying heat to the front can damage the printed image & numbers.
  • Turn the heat up high on your iron.
  • Turn off any steam settings – you want to keep the canvas dry if possible.
  • For any really stubborn wrinkles apply a damp cloth to the back of the canvas before ironing again.

You’re almost ready!

Grab a glass of water, a supply of paper towels and settle in – it’s time to unleash your inner artist! For expert-level advice check out our tips & tricks blog too!

Written to a brief for Kandsart – online art supplies store.